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PriceMap, India’s leading search engine for offline retail, is proud to be a part of SHOPX. Serving more than 1 lakh consumers and connecting them to 1,000+ retailers, PriceMap brings the convenience of online shopping to offline retail and allows the shopper to discover the product availability and best price in their neighbourhood, for the product they wish to purchase.


The PriceMap  platform brings together the ultimate combination of Convenience, Speed, Trust and Price, as shoppers can buy from the store they trust in their vicinity, get the best prices, and have it delivered to them in no time. For store owners, it presents an excellent opportunity to bring in more business through the online channel.


On the acquisition, Amit Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder, ShopX, said, “We are excited to have the PriceMap team join us at SHOPX. In the past, ShopX has focused on helping retailers buy better and with this acquisition, we will be allowing retailers to sell better. Thereby completing the entire commerce cycle for the small retailer by helping him cater to both the supply and demand side. By utilising PriceMap’s technology led expertise, we look forward to enhancing the discoverability of offline stores and create a level playing field between online and offline".


“At Pricemap we have always been brick and mortar retail focussed. The physical stores are more competitive in pricing and have been trustworthy points of sales for generations. By joining hands with SHOPX,  we aim to create deep digital engagement between a consumer and the local shops, thereby redefining the way people shop” said, Suresh Kabra, CEO, PriceMap.


If you wish to be a part of this interesting journey, email us at OR visit

SHOPX acquires PriceMap to redefine

brick and mortar retail

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